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Vagabonder Reviews!

So, this happened.

Resulting in these.

And this!

What a whirlwind book tour, and I’m thrilled by the positive response to Vagabonder so far.

So what’s next?

Book 2 is in the works. I tend to be a slow, deliberate writer, but I’m really psyched about what I have in store for Caen and Ligeia, and I think you will be too.

In the meantime, I’m eagerly anticipating a few upcoming events. Vagabonder is up for Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award, and it is an entrant for the Six Bridges Book Festival held in Little Rock in September. I’ll also be attending the Ozark Creative Writers conference in October; more on that later, but I will be present to sell and sign Vagabonder.

On Writing

Finding the time to write can be an enormous challenge for any writer. Juggling work, side hustles, and family obligations make it difficult to carve out dedicated time. There’s also the lingering anxiety about the pandemic, the economy, the future of democracy…all things over which I have absolutely no control but nevertheless worry about. It’s in my genes to worry, apparently!

I feel a little disingenuous dispensing advice about writing, given that I’ve published exactly one book myself. I’m finding that breaking down writing sessions into smaller, more manageable chunks works better for me than trying to carve out large blocks of time. Just focusing on writing for 30 minutes to an hour each day makes the process feel less overwhelming and more achievable.

It's also crucial to create a supportive writing environment, such as enlisting a writing buddy. (Shout out to and her awesome books on Amazon. We’ve known each other for years, and she’s built an impressive catalog!) Having someone to hold you (somewhat) accountable can spur consistency. I’ve played around with productivity apps, but I’ll admit they haven’t been very successful for me so far. Any recommendations? Share in the comments!

Bottom line: I’m learning it's essential to be kind to yourself and recognize that writing is a process. It's OK to have off days and periods of writer's block. It’s OK to not feel inspired sometimes. Just keep writing!

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