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Becoming Poe

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I'm slowly but surely getting back into writing after a long hiatus. Writers are constantly complaining about procrastinating and how hard it is to write and how challenging it is to find the time.

All that's absolutely true. But today, I'm posting only because I took this amazing picture of my dog Poe as we both settled down for what has become a daily yoga practice for me.

Now, I'm impressed as hell by this picture. I've gotten way better at taking pictures since science has seen fit to give us the best damn image technology in history. And the filters don't hurt either.

But what I was thinking when I took this picture was this:

He does this every time I do yoga. It's like he's attracted to the sense of peace I'm feeling.

Then I thought:

I'm probably becoming the type of human he would like me to be.

That seems like a pretty good thought to end January on. Here's to becoming more like Poe.

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